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Our Media & Entertainment team is highly regarded for their business-friendly, contemporary and dedicated legal advice. Our attorneys advise clients on all legal and regulatory matters in the media and entertainment industry, and also assist them in the drafting and negotiation of the following documents (without limitation): –

  • Celebrity engagements and endorsements: Drafting and negotiating celebrity agreements, production agreements, endorsement agreements, etc.
    • Film Production: Drafting and negotiation of film related documentation, at the stages of pre-production, filming and post production.
    • Talent Agreements: Drafting and negotiating talent agreements, such as between directors, producers, sportsmen, artists, composers, writers and lyricists.
    • Financing Agreements: Preparation of documentation for financing the projects.
    • Print and Digital Media: Structuring, drafting and negotiating agreements for acquisition of publishing and broadcasting media rights.
    • Websites and mobile-based applications: Drafting terms and conditions of use, privacy policies, agreements with web and platform developers and such other related services.
    • Other documentation: Drafting and negotiating licensing and assignment agreements, distribution agreements, commissioning agreements, merchandising agreements, sponsorship agreements, publishing agreements, recording agreements etc.

Apart from the aforesaid, we also advise our clients on strategizing in connection with the protection of intellectual property rights, as well as making an effective representation against any claims of infringement of the intellectual property rights.

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